Employment Law Scope of Services

Our attorneys are not your average lawyers. We have worked at law firms, for private businesses, at our own businesses, in state agencies and at non-profits. There probably isn’t a situation that we have not seen before in some related form. We have been employers and advised employers. We know the questions to ask, the risks and rewards, and the best way to insulate clients from risk. Better yet, we know how to coach clients to be good employers who are able to maximize their employees’ potential and create a culture of support, encouragement and growth.

Like our experience, our clients run the gamut: large, multi-state and multi-national employers to small mom & pops, do-good non-profits to number crunching for-profits, award-winning start-ups to long-established household names. In the end, all of our clients have the same goal: doing the right thing and fulfilling their mission, vision and values. If those are accomplished, organizational success and employee engagement are sure to follow.

Our broad-based experience enables us to advise our clients across the HR and employment law spectrum:

Employee Relations:

  • Drafting handbooks, policies, and procedures that reflect your culture
  • Implementing your handbooks, policies and procedures to ensure compliance and boost culture
  • Advising on employee performance and behavior issues to grow talent and filter out risk
  • Considering the federal, state and local laws that govern the employer-employee relationship
  • Auditing and advising on Form I-9 completion and retention

Sensitive Workplace Issues

  • Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies, practices, and investigations
  • Disability accommodation and interactive process management
  • Workplace investigations for claims of discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, whistleblower claims, and other workplace issues

Benefits-related Issues

  • FMLA leave advice and management
  • Personal and other leaves of absence advice and management
  • Benefits administration and management
  • COBRA advice and administration
  • Workers Compensation incident, leave and return-to-work advice and management

Labor Relations

  • Collective bargaining
  • Counsel on day-to-day interactions with union leadership
  • Advice and representation for grievances and arbitrations
  • Defense of unfair labor practice claims

Wage & Hour Compliance

  • Determining proper classification of positions as exempt or non-exempt
  • Assessing the classification of workers as employees or independent contractors
  • Reviewing overtime calculations and policies
  • Advising on meal and rest time periods and practices

Employee Agreements

  • Non-competition, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • Settlement agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Enforcement or audits of all such agreements and provisions

Employment Life Cycle Management

  • Recruiting and hiring practices
  • Background checks and screening processes
  • Advising on compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • End of employment advice and counsel

Employment Law Informed Trainings

  • Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training
  • Managing difficult employees to reduce risk
  • Compliant employee leave management
  • Management best practices
  • An ever-evolving menu of trainings designed to ensure compliance and boost engagement