Coaching Employees Through Interpersonal Differences

Since the pandemic, many employers have experienced a rise in the number of interpersonal disputes among employees. These conflicts may reflect long-standing friction that went dormant during COVID, employees out-of-practice at making small talk by the proverbial water cooler, or employees no longer willing to tolerate an aggravating co-worker or demanding boss. Lake Effect has helped many organizations address these employee relations issues quickly and effectively using the Everything DiSC® methodology.

Everything DiSC is a versatile tool that can be used in employee and executive coaching sessions, mediation, and group training to break down friction among coworkers, strengthen teams, and professionally develop individuals. The personalized Everything DiSC Workplace Profile® that each employee receives provides a great starting point to coach employees through challenging situations, transitions, and pivots. Even in the face of conflict and stress, employees who know their own DiSC style and those of their co-workers can modify their behavior and approach to communicate more effectively and productively with others. Very quickly, the DiSC framework helps your employees improve teamwork, communication, and productivity by developing a common communication language in the workplace.

In the post-COVID world, employees are returning to the workplace with new expectations and aspirations. By providing them with Everything DiSC assessment and training, you are providing them with the resources to improve their workplace interactions and overall experience. You also demonstrate your commitment to their future and professional development. Contact your partners at Lake Effect to help you maximize your workplace potential.

Lake Effect can assist with all of your employee relations issues and answer your questions about federal and state employment laws and HR best practices. We continue to monitor important legal and HR developments that affect employers. Please watch our blogs and emails for these important updates, as well as discussions of how compliance meets culture. To dive into these issues, contact us at or 1-844-333-5253.

The Benefits of DiSC in the Workplace

We have all been in a meeting or working on a project when someone was too assertive in expressing their opinions, not contributing enough, too chatty, or too hesitant to make a decision. These individuals were most likely not intending to be difficult in the meeting or in the workplace; they were simply working from their preferred DiSC style. Although we can all adapt our styles, during stressful times it does not come naturally. Having a common language to address these types of situations and work through the barriers provides your team an opportunity to leverage each person’s strengths, resolve interpersonal conflict or simply gain awareness of their own innate reaction to workplace situations. By understanding the different DiSC styles and each styles’ priorities, motivators, fears and limitations, your team gains a better understanding of how their coworkers are communicating in the workplace. The Everything DiSC model is the simplest, most robust tool for creating a common language at all levels of an organization. At times, every organization has a need to improve communication, strengthen a team, resolve interpersonal conflict or simply develop team members’ interpersonal skills. Lake Effect HR & Law is uniquely qualified to manage your HR needs. We are an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC with over a decade of experience working with the DiSC model. With several personalized reports to choose from, we can find a solution to address your needs that reflects your culture or what you want your culture to be. To learn more about how DiSC can help your team, contact any of the attorneys and HR Professionals at Lake Effect HR & Law,

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