Prepare your TEAMS


Virtual & In-Person Workshops

Now more than ever, organizations are looking for creative ways to strengthen their virtual teams, encouraging them to work towards goals that support the organization’s mission and strategy. To support life-long learning and adaptability within your organization, we have developed specific courses that work well in virtual, as well as in-person, environments using your preferred remote platform.

Strategic Planning
Tailored to your culture

Live Your Mission

You have spent countless hours developing your workplace culture. When your HR function is aligned with your organization’s mission, vision and values, as well as your strategic direction, the organization is most effective. As a team, you can attract, reward, and retain the right talent, create a culture of engagement, and generate an understanding of how individual goals are aligned with the organization’s strategic initiatives. In this series of three one-hour workshops, we focus on how to effectively ensure your culture is infused throughout your recruiting, onboarding and coaching practices. Below are the three workshops. The Live Your Mission workshop series can be tailored to your organization’s needs by selecting one or more of the workshops.

Live Your Mission: How to Engage New Hires to Your Organization’s Culture

In this workshop, you learn how to welcome new hires into your organization’s culture starting with the first day of employment.

Live Your Mission: How to Recruit Talent to Bolster Your Organization’s Culture

In this workshop, you learn how to identify the right recruiting resources and create behavioral interview questions aligned with your culture.

Live Your Mission: How to Coach Employees to Your Organization’s Culture

In this workshop, you learn how to coach and develop your team to achieve individual goals that align with your organization’s mission and growth.

Lead Through Crisis
& Emerge Stronger

Preparing Your Workplace for What Lies Ahead

Most employers are not returning to the pre-pandemic normal, instead, we are all looking toward a “new normal.” For many of us, this may include a hybrid work environment with some work being done in the office and other work completed virtually. In this workshop, we consider what this means for your organization. We gain insight from your team to understand what worked well during the crisis and how to incorporate that insight into your new work environment. We also discuss worker safety requirements and recommendations and managing a hybrid work environment.

As you thoughtfully plan for your staff’s return to the office, consider adding one of our DiSC workshops to reestablish workplace relationships.

Managing Performance During a Crisis & Beyond

Working during a crisis presents many challenges – jobs change, the goals shift, your work site might be closed, childcare might not be available, and the emotional and mental stress weighs on everyone. Still, managing performance remains imperative. In this workshop, we discuss how to effectively and compassionately manage performance while taking into account the challenges during a crisis, its recovery, and in the post-crisis workplace.

Culture and Engagement in a Hybrid Environment

With the right tools and strategies, your workplace culture and your employees’ engagement can thrive in a hybrid world. This workshop provides an opportunity to discuss those tools and strategies tailored to maximize your employees’ development and your organization’s culture, mission, and strategic objectives.


Sustaining Workplace Culture During a Crisis

No matter how small, any crisis diverts precious attention and resources away from your organization’s initiatives. During a crisis, it is critical that employees know they are valued, are kept informed, and are assured that your organization’s culture is alive and well. In this workshop, we discuss how your organization is addressing the crisis, and the tools and strategies for effectively sustaining your culture while the crisis is ongoing.

Assessing and Managing Your Strategic Plan During a Crisis & Beyond

A crisis often challenges an organization’s strategic plan. Are your strategic goals still relevant? Has your mission shifted because of the crisis? Are your employees working different hours or performing different duties? Is your timeline realistic? Has your funding or profit margin changed? Have your management team and employees been able to consider the strategic plan since the crisis started? Once practices are in place to protect your employees’ safety and wellness, it is important to review your strategic plan. In this workshop, we help your organization reassess its strategic plan, evaluating which elements need to be revised and which need to be reinforced to successfully navigate a changed landscape.

Manage HR Issues
Like a Pro

HR Issues that Keep You Up at Night

As a leader, plenty of things may keep you up at night. But if you don’t have an HR staff, the wee hours of the night might be filled with HR nightmares. Our strategic HR advisors and employment law attorneys share tactics to tame your most pressing human resources challenges. The workshop can be tailored to the challenges you identify prior to the session.

Entrepreneurs: You Need to Hire, Now What?

In this workshop, we discuss the next steps after you have decided you need to hire. We review your organization’s strategic plan, mission, and culture; discuss job descriptions, recruiting tactics, and employment laws that apply to hiring in Wisconsin and other states where an employee may be working onsite or remotely; cover the differences between an employee and independent contractor; and develop guiding principles and elements of an employee handbook and onboarding process. This workshop can be tailored to work with a start-up hiring its first employee, a company hiring after a reorganization, or any organization that wants a refresher course to stay aligned with current best hiring practices.

promote respect

& prevent harassment


As an employer, it is your responsibility to create a workplace free from harassment where every employee feels welcome, respected, and valued. During this one-hour workshop for all employees, we tailor the discussion to your organization’s culture and industry. We will discuss the following: your organization’s anti-harassment policy; other policies that relate to workplace harassment; the importance of creating a workplace culture of respect that goes beyond mere compliance; and every employee’s role in making sure your organization fosters an environment of belonging for everyone.

Many states have adopted laws requiring anti-harassment training. These states mandate specific elements that must be included in the training, including content, format, and length for the training. If you have employees in states other than Wisconsin, we can customize to reflect state-specific requirements, or we can design a stand-alone workshop for your out-of-state employees.

Anti-Harassment for Supervisors

We design this supplemental anti-harassment workshop for supervisors only. It includes all the of the information from the all-employee Anti-Harassment workshop plus a discussion of the role and responsibilities of management in preventing and responding to harassment. Participants discuss how to prevent, stop, report, and monitor for harassment.

Best Practices to Prevent Workplace Harassment

Three out of four employees who file a harassment complaint with a government agency do not first file a report with their employer. In this session, we discuss the current state of workplace harassment and best practices for preventing workplace harassment. Participants have the opportunity to create strategies that support employee reporting and establish an effective process to respond to those reports.

be a management superhero

Through Effective Leadership

Life Lessons Learned: Leading a Team

Leadership is more than managing and compliance. Effective leadership requires a commitment to continuous skill development and learning about yourself, your organization, your team, and the world at large. In this session, participants have an opportunity to hone their leadership skills and develop strategies for creating an engaging, compassionate work environment.

Tough Conversations

Conversations about performance problems, conflict in the workplace, terminations, downsizing, and reorganizations are always tough, no matter how experienced you are. In this workshop, we review strategies for these and other tough conversations with your employees and managers. Participants from the nonprofit sector can also apply these strategies when working with their board members and volunteers.

Employee Recognition that Engages Individuals and Teams

Create a high performing team by focusing on positive recognition and feedback in an everchanging work environment. When team members receive more negative feedback than positive, self-confidence and initiative tend to wane. Strengthen your team’s confidence and engagement by understanding your own recognition style and providing the right recognition to encourage your individual team members. In this workshop we will explore different methods of recognition to immediately support and build upon your organization’s culture.

build stronger teams

using everything DiSC

Everything DiSC is a personal development learning experience that measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model. Our virtual training techniques and facilitation skills ensure highly interactive sessions. The result is a more engaged and collaborative workforce that sparks meaningful culture improvement in your organization.